Japanese Melon


This specialty variety dominates the netted melon market in Japan. The fruit is round, green skinned, with a fine net and matures to over 3 lbs. The thick, juicy, green flesh measures over 16°Brix. Its sugar content will continue to rise regardless of the weather. Easy-to-grow, widely adaptable, and resistant to mildews and vine split.

Nutritional Value

Japanese Melon contains

Nutrition %Daily Value
vitamin C 53%
Dietary Fibers 5%
vitamin A 2%

Health Benefits

* They help flush out toxins which cause digestive issues, breathing difficulties and nerve disruptions.
* They contain 90% water and lots of fiber making them an excellent addition to a diet because they fill you up without all the extra calories.
* Melons deliver more nutrients per calorie because of their high water content helps transport these nutrients to your cells.

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Weight 1 kg

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