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Kiwi is wrapped in a russet-brown thin skin with an emerald green firm pulp that is dotted with a large amount of dark black tiny edible has a delicious sweet, and slightly tangy taste. These kiwi slices have a vibrant green color that is so much fun to look at, but even better to is a natural digestive aid packed with enzymes, fiber, and potassium, to keep electrolytes in check.

Health Benefits

* Kiwi contains a high amount of Vitamin C and a good amount of Beta-Carotene.
* Prevents Constipation and some Cancers.
* Prevents Wheezing and cough, especially in children.

Nutritional Value

kiwi of 74 grams contains

Nutrition % Daily Value
vitamin C 120%
Fibers 8%
Potassium 6.40%
Calories(45) 2%

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