Yello Melon

Per Peice


This yellow melon is oval shaped and matures to a deep golden color with white stripes. Inside, the white flesh is quite thick, crisp, smooth, and remarkably sweet with a 15-16 brix degree in sugar content. They weight about 1 1/2 lbs.

Health Benefits

* Melon fruit can prevent and kill the seeds of cancer that attacks the body. Therefore, eating a melon is very good for preventing cancer.
* Yellow melon has a high carotenoid content; this fruit can prevent cancer such as lung cancer and also lowers the risk of a heart attack.
* Melon fruit is good for maintaining a healthy skin. Its collagen content will make your skin beautiful. Protein compounds that affect the integrity of the cell structure in all connective tissues such as skin. Collagen also works for wound healing and maintaining a firm skin.

Nutritional Value

Yellow Melon contains

Nutrition %Daily Value
vitamin C 62%
Dietary Fibers 3%
Calcium 2%
Iron 3%

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